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Key terms & explanations


Lead time - time period over which the order will be done (it does not matter, if you paid for it or not). When lead time is gone we stop working

Number of revisions - a number of times we will redo the work based on your comments

Number of updates - number of times we will update the work for which we were paid over the certain time period after payment. 1 update over 90 days would mean that you can get your order redone over the 90 days period after payment date


Explainer videos

Explainer videos take complex concepts and distill them into 1-2 minute videos. Explainer videos are usually front-and-center on your homepage or a landing page


Alfa channel videos

Alpha channels are used to create videos that contain elements that are partially or completely transparent. An alpha channel is an additional layer of information that assigns a transparency value to a video. This allows portions of a video's frame to be partially or entirely transparent


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